Eastman Deli will be our second establishment that focuses on providing the real coffee shop experiences. Customer will be able to enjoy Brunch, Coffee, Pastry Bakery, Sandwiches and Deli Shop. Its strategic location that closed to sport stadium, business offices, university and schools will be the right meeting point for anyone. Not only that, Eastman Cafe will be the right “water station” for those who enjoyed doing active exercises from running to cycling with our healthy products or menu. Eastman Cafe invites everyone to causlly dining in at our place and celebrate the reunion or gathering with your loved one. Our fresh homemade and artisan products will surely elevate the memories. We are here ready to welcome you with our genuine smiles from early breakfast to late night meals.


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Jl. Tri Lomba Juang No 5 Semarang
50134 – IDN

Mon – Sun : 11am – 12pm

(+6224) 000 000