Eastman is a coffee. house located at the center of Semarang City, offering the real coffee shop experiences, where there is a full combination of various coffee choices, friendly yet knowledgable barista, fresh daily pastry and bakery, delicious eclectic Asian & western food, plant based options, super helpful service & kitchen team. Last but not least, the whole ambience from the music to the interior. Making sure that Eastman Coffee House is a perfect meeting point for everyone! Its interior is designed to create a homey and cozy ambiance, a reminder that coffee is a product of earth that is always grounded and humble. It aspires that for all coffee lover, if their house is the first home and their office is the second home, Eastman Coffee House would be their third home where they can collect tons of memorable moments. As a coffee shop, Eastman Coffee House wanted to make sure that customers can enjoy various coffee with different brewing methods. Either served hot, cold or ice blended. Not only to be enjoyed while dining in, our ATLAS ready to drink series is also available to be taken home or to be enjoyed anywhere else at all. Eastman Coffee House invite everyone to enjoy the real coffee shop expereience and create moment one sip a time!


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Jl. Ahmad Yani 140 Semarang
50134 – IDN

Mon – Sun : 11am – 12pm

(+6224) 000 000